Essential Items to Protect from COVID 19

Essential Items

We are going with a critical situation due to COVID 19 pandemic. It is a very contagious virus, spread in many countries of the world, which can’t be removed immediately. Maintaining the social distance is the only way of solution till we get the medicine properly.

But we need money to earn the living, for which we need to step out of our home and work as per the minimum requirements. Therefore some safety protection must be taken, so that we can protect our family and professionals from this situation.

Some essential items listed here you should be kept at your home and work space to protect from COVID 19.

Contact Less Thermometer

Thermometer is a medical devices or an instrument that is used for checking the temperature. While anyone is suffering high fever it helps to check body temperature.

It’s protect from spread out of corona virus while checking the temperature of family memberss as well as outsider. If showing temperature is too high you should call to your Doctor or you should see your doctor immediately.

Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 

Hand sanitizer dispenser is the essentials items / machine. All the family members as well as outsiders must be use it before entry at home and work space. we should place this machine / device at a common place for easy to use.

Thermal Scanner, Mask, Hand Gloves, Sanitizer, etc. you may get it now from Techtrow- The Smart Shop.

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