The 10 Best Monitors in India for Students and Professionals


Monitors are not only used for computers all the time. Sometimes, monitors need to be upgraded or to increase the size or to replace the defective ones or for security purposes or viewing CCTV videos.  Here we have mentioned some latest monitor which are best for students, professionals and CCTV system. Samsung 32-inch(80cm) M7 4K … Read more

The 10 Best Smart Watch under 5000 in India

Best Smart Watch under 5000 in India

It’s time to make yourself smart with the smart watch. This is a smart generation, to make updates always yourself should use smart gadgets. The smart watch is a new generation gadget, it should have many features such as Spo2, fall detection, heart rate monitoring, sleep timing, sport activity monitoring, GPS, Calling facility etc. Technology … Read more

10 Best Headphones under 2000, best for music & online classes

Headphones under 2000

Best headphones under 2000 – Headphone are essential gadgets in our life these days. Music and game lovers like best headphones perpetually, however the importance of headphones has currently inflated because of on-line classes, virtual conferences etc.  Company workers, academics & Students are also victimization headphones or earphones currently in daily routine. Sound quality, clarity … Read more

The 8 Best Wi-Fi Routers for Home and Office

Best Wi-Fi Routers

Wi-Fi routers work as a mediator device between cloud and smart gadgets to connect with internet. Today, every home use different kind of smart devices like Computer/ Laptop, Smart Mobile, ipad etc at home. The Wi-Fi routers provide wired / wireless connectivity to one or multi smart devices at a time with internet. Here are … Read more