10 Ways to Stay Safe from Electrical Hazard at Home

Stay safe

Always plan to stay safe firstly. In most cases fire hazard is born from defective electrical circuits if any more reason is not found. So it’s an important matter to know for everyone how to stay safe from electrical hazard when using electrical plugs, gadgets, appliances etc. at home. We are sharing some electrical safety … Read more

The 5 Best Air Purifiers for Home & Office, Reviews and Buying Guide

Air Purifiers

To get rid of odors, polluted, and harmful air – Air Purifiers are the best and easiest option for healthy life. Increasing day to day pollution, viruses, and unknown diseases destroy the lives of every human being. At present we are fighting with one of the major diseases Covid19 which disrupts the air quality. We … Read more

Top 10 MCB Brands in India, Best for Residential & Commercial use

Top 10 MCB Brands in India

Many kinds of MCB brands are available in the Indian market. In this article we have mentioned top 10 MCB brands in India, which you can use in electrical circuits to protect the electrical installation. MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is a safety device, used to protect from electrical hazards. It’s also used to segregate the … Read more

10 Best Headphones under 2000, best for music & online classes

Headphones under 2000

Best headphones under 2000 – Headphone are essential gadgets in our life these days. Music and game lovers like best headphones perpetually, however the importance of headphones has currently inflated because of on-line classes, virtual conferences etc.  Company workers, academics & Students are also victimization headphones or earphones currently in daily routine. Sound quality, clarity … Read more

7 Best Chainsaws in India, for Professionals & Home use

Best Chainsaws

Best chainsaws – Chainsaw / tree cutter machine is used to cut the trunk of the tree or shave the brunches of the tree. Though the chainsaws is mainly used by professionals, but sometimes small electric cutter is used at personal garden. Best chainsaws Three types of chainsaws are mainly used (i.e. Gasoline, Petrol & … Read more

10 Best Water Purifiers in India, Best for Home & Office Use

Best water purifier

Best Water Purifiers – A water purifier is an essential appliance to get fresh water for drinking and cooking. Fresh water is necessary to safeguard your health and being of great spiritual importance to many people. Unfortunately, you don’t know every water whether it is fresh or not and it may get any bad effect … Read more

10 Best Steamers for Cold & Cough in India

Best steamers

Best steamers for cold & cough – to get rid of flu symptoms like coughing, stuffy nose and normal breathing problems at home. The steamers are also used for respiratory ailments therapy, aromatherapy, beauty and throat treatment. The steamer is a versatile and compact steaming device, provides maximum steam without burning our face. Presently we … Read more