10 Ways to Stay Safe from Electrical Hazard at Home

Always plan to stay safe firstly. In most cases fire hazard is born from defective electrical circuits if any more reason is not found. So it’s an important matter to know for everyone how to stay safe from electrical hazard when using electrical plugs, gadgets, appliances etc. at home.

We are sharing some electrical safety tips which will help to save you from electrical shock, short circuit or electrical hazards.

Use proper socket point as per appliance

You should keep in mind that 6A & 16A plug points are generally used in home and office at India. So proper socket point as per appliances must be used. Required ratings are mentioned on the appliances. 6/16A combine socket is available which we can be use to stay safe but its cost & wiring is little higher than 6A plug point.

Avoid using multiple appliances in single socket point   

Many time we use multiple appliances from single plug points which is very dangerous. Mainly problems occur when the limit of capacity of load gets crossed and loose connection. Loose connection leading to sparking. Sparking is the source of fire hazard when inflammable items meet.

Avoid electrical plug points near source of water

Plan to install electrical plug points away from water sources. Specially avoid touching switches electrical devices with wet hand. Avoid cleaning appliance with water when plugged in.

If you really want to use plug point near water or outside of the home, special type of plug points are available for that. You can use these to stay safe at home.

If possible unplug the household or appliances when not in use.

Unplug the unnecessary household appliances when not in use or its not required for a long time.

Specially unplug all the devices, appliances etc. when lightning occurs. It will prevent the damaging of household devices and circuits from lightning.

Keep your household / appliances at proper space

Choose the proper space and keep there. This is important for all the particulars household / appliances to keep safe & proper space which is required. So move it at a proper place where air circulation occurs. Avoid changing the position several times as it may cause damage to the electrical cord.

Follow the instruction/user guide of household manufacturers.

User manual is need to be followed to make your safety. Maximum time it is seen that the hazard occurs bemuse of avoiding the instructions of manufactures.

Avoid temporary extension plug point for long time  

Temporary extension board is dangerous especially when cord is laying openly from floor, or when hanging temporarily in hooks.

Damaging of insulation might be the reason of shock. This may result in damaging of the wire easily for laying & hanging several times.

Repair the faulty power cord or any damaged plug point / wiring soon

Damaged points or cord or wiring are danger for human being. So repair or replace it as soon as possible. Do not use it again before repairing or replacing the defective plug points, cord, household appliances etc.

Make sure that your electrical installation is in good condition

Make sure your all plugs, wiring etc. is in good condition by an electrician/engineer at least once in a year. It will help you to safe you and your family from any kind of hazard/electrical shock.

What’s the solution to stay safe from electrical hazard at home 

  • Make sure proper circuit breakers (IC, MCB, MCCB, RCCB/ECCB etc.) are used in your electrical wiring that will help to safe from overloading, short circuit and electrical shock.
  • Make sure your electrical distribution system is divided in multiple small circuits, so that only the defective circuit breaker can go off at a time. Other part will run with safe. 
  • If you want to protect any special household from lightning you should use surge protector in this particulars circuit.
  • Lightning arrestor system is used to protect your house building and all other household /appliances from lightning.
  • Earthing is a major safety point all the points especially for metal body/part of appliances. It saves you from electrical shock so make sure your electrical installation is properly earthed.
  • Test/check your wiring system quarterly / half yearly/yearly as advised by your electrician / engineer.
  • Make sure your all the appliances are made by approved manufacturer or is marked as per country standard.
  • Make sure your electricians has proper knowledge/certification/license etc. who does the wiring / repairing work at your house.

To know more or if you need an expert for design and execution, you can contact here to stay safe.

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